Eoptolink gigabit interface converter (GBIC) is a standard for transceivers, commonly used with Gigabit Ethernet and fibre channel.

Eoptolink produces BiDi GBIC from 0.55km~120km, BIDI GBIC SR, BIDI GBIC LR, BIDI GBIC ER, BIDI GBIC ZR over single fiber application.

Eoptolink GBIC solution is a convenient and cost-effective solution for the adoption of Gigabit Ethernet in data-center, and metropolitan-area access networks, with maximum optical budget 39dB!

The gigabit interface converter, or GBIC, was the original hot-swappable standardized form factor and has been widely adopted in a large number of legacy systems, with designs ranging in data rates up to 2.5 Gbps. The GBIC port can support a wide range of physical media, from copper to long-wave single-mode optical fiber, at lengths of hundreds of kilometers. Eoptolink GBIC’s are compliant with GBIC Specification Rev 5.5. The GBIC is the oldest version of 1GB optics and are about twice the size of the SFP. The first generation optical devices had lasers built onto the print circuit of the router or switch which made them really inflexible to upgrade or change. The industry reaction on this issue was to create standardized shapes for transceivers. The GBIC transceivers have a transceiving side (Tx) and a receiving side (Rx). The transceiver has a laser which communicates to the receiving side of the other optic on the other side. The optic comes in 4 different versions: T, SX, LX, and ZX. The SX version will work on Multi Mode fiber, the other 2 work only on Single Mode fiber. The LX will cover a max of 10km and the ZX of 80km. The “T-version” has a RJ-45 plug. Although most network manufacturers only offer these 4 standard ranges, a larger range of other optics are available. For example, the maximum distance for a 1G GBIC optic currently available is 160km. GBIC optics are not available with DOM/DDM. Eoptolink offers you dual fiber, CWDM and BIDI CWDM transceivers.


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