Eoptolink BIDI 1x9 optical transceiver using 1310/1490 nm transmitter(receiver) and 1550/1310 nm receiver(transmitter).

Eoptolink 1x9 optical transceiver is designed for use in 0~2.67Gbps data links.

Eoptolink is producing a lot of special 1x9 optical transceivers designed for CWDM, single receivers or transmitter, dual transmitter etc

The 1x9 optical transceiver is designed for use in 0~1.25Gbps data links. It provide the SC/FC/ST optical port that is compatible with the industry standard connector. Both the transmitter and the receiver are packaged together with a top plastic cover and bottom shield. The transceiver operates with 3.3V/5V Volt DC power supply.

  • Single mode fiber optical transceivers features 1X9 Pin Package
  • Special customized speed rates, 155Mb, 1.25Gb, 2.5Gb, CWDM 1x9
  • Single +3.3V or +5V Power Supply, dual PS
  • LVPECL / PECL / TTL Data Interface, DC Coupling,
  • Fully Compliant with ITU-T G 957, G958 Specifications,
  • Eye Safety, Meet Laser Class 1, Compliant with IEC 60825-1,Compliant with Telcordia (Bellcore) GR-468-CORE
  • Working distance from 0.1km to 120km max
  • With SC, FC, ST fiber connection interface;

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